Husk Coffee & Creative Space is now closed as a

café business and arts venue.

Husk Coffee & Creative Space was a not-for-profit business in Limehouse, East London, owned and run by a Christian faith-based charity called London City Mission for the benefit of the local community. London City Mission has decided to reallocate our resources to support church groups throughout the whole of Tower Hamlets in their community work. We believe that this will be a better way of helping the local community. Unfortunately, the café will not continue but these changes are not as a result of financial cuts.

If you have been part of the Husk community, you will know that the Husk team hosted a wide range of programmes connected to the café, such as the Arts Continuum Programme, the English Classes, Open Mic Nights and Bengali poetry events to name a few. We hosted some larger community events around Christmas time and Easter. We wanted to provide a strong sense of welcome here, and we trust you have felt that.

Our new aim will be to helping other Christian faith groups make use of this building and ensuring that some community programmes can continue. Watch this space!

If you are interested in staying up to date with what happens next, email and we will send you a future update in a few months and re-register for other programmes.

We trust you and your loved ones are well in this season,

The Husk Team and London City Mission