Beginner, Elementary & Pre-Intermediate ESOL classes (Women)
Tuesdays 10am- 12pm & Thursdays 10am- 12pm
with Alice L Cooper & Gosia Kolosowska

Elementary/ Pre-Intermediate ESOL class (Men)
Wednesdays 10:30am- 12pm
with John Hudson, Nathan Robertson & Philip Elbourne

English Language Cafe (Men and Women)
Tuesdays 1pm- 3pm
Come and develop your language knowledge and practice your speaking skills
with Angela and James Roberts. Intermediate and above.

All classes are for a suggested donation of £1 per session.
Classes start on October 3rd.
For more information email
or Telephone 07742981637

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Monday Mornings (Term Time)
A musical experience for you and your child to enjoy together

Baby Class (birth - 18 months) - 11am
Toddler Class (18 months to 3 yrs) - 9:30am

-Booking Required-
To book your place email
or telephone 0207 702 8802