Machine: La Marzocco (3-group), customised rusty red.

Portafilters: A variety of La Marzocco Factory and Aftermarket portafilters

Grinder: Mazzer Luigi

Espresso Beans: Climpson Estate beans from Climpson & Sons
& our own Huskateer Beans
from The Roastery Department

Decaf coffee:
Doi Chaang, Swiss water process

Filter coffee: Various Single Origins from
 Climpson & Sons 

Tea: Marulin, Zig Zag,
Suki Teas, & Pavillion (fairtrade)

Hot chocolate:
Chocolate Abyss (fairtrade, organic) 30% cocoa


Smoothies: £2.70
     –Selection of fruit smoothies
(V,VG, DF, GF)

Avocado Toast: £3.80     
–Served on sliced country loaf with radish and a squeeze of lemon (V,VG, DF)

Banana and Peanut
Butter Toast: £2.80
-Slices of toast with peanut butter & banana (V,VG, DF)

Pitta or Veggie Sticks with Hummus: £3.50     
–Hummus served with choice of warmed pitta or assorted veg sticks (GF, DF, V, VG)

From 12 noon we serve:

Soup: £3.80
-Soup Du Jour served with bread
(Always Vegetarian, occasionally GF, DF & VG)

Daal & Naan:
     –Fresh house-made daal, garnished with fried onions & served with warmed naan bread
(can be served with poppodums instead of naan if VG, DF or GF. Ask for no onions if GF)

Sandwiches: £4.20
-Delivered fresh daily. A variety of sandwiches prepared on ciabatta or rustic baguette
(V & VG options)

Snacks and Cakes

From 9am we serve a selection of fresh pastries delivered to us from local bakeries including pastries and muffins. Other standards include red velvet cake & GF salted caramel brownies.

We now have a growing selection of Vegan Pastries, Cakes and Treats available, ask in the cafe for the day's options.