C O N T I N U U M  is an artists residency program recently launched here at Husk. This is its second exhibition. Each artist is encouraged to participate in critiques and collaborative work, their time here culminating in a four-week solo show. We want to build a culture that celebrates art in all its forms, creating relationships with the artists that last beyond their time of residency with us. 

Past Exhibition:

703 Commercial Road
an exhibition by Monica Meyer

15th October - 5th November 2016

Dealing with the concept of space and our orientation within it, this multi-media exhibition focuses on a singular place, 703 Commercial Road.

Meyer explores the idea of places existing as more than physical locales and taking on a life of their own, independent of the emotions and memories an individual inhabitant attaches to them.

For more work by Monica Meyer visit: https://vimeo.com/monicameyer

Past Exhibition:

30th June - 2nd August 2016

We'd love to invite you to the launch of Songs for Limehouse, an exhibition of new music written and recorded by Husk artist-in-continuum, Wilderthorn.

The songs are written for and about the area of Limehouse, and are inspired by everything from present day conversations with local residents to famous historical events.

To enjoy the exhibition, all you need is your phone and a set of headphones. By typing in the links mapped out on the gallery walls, you will be directed to the relevant music tracks. 

The exhibition will reach its climax with a live performance of the songs in the gallery space, Thursday 30th June at 8pm. 

You can listen to and download the first track, The Battle of Cable Street, here.

Past Exhibition:

an exhibition by Mary Macken Allen

23rd April - 21st May 2016

Husk Coffee and Creative Space is pleased to present a new body of work by Mary Macken Allen, created during her time on our new residency programme Continuum. 
Drawing on themes of longing, memory, and the separateness of experience, Mary has described her work as an exploration of personal experience and the human condition as a whole. The figures in her paintings are often in a state of limbo - suspended in an empty and uncertain space, similar to the lost spaces of memory and dream. Holding both her human subjects and formless space in the same regard, the work is concerned with both the human desire to connect, and the gaps that separate us.

Past Exhibition:

an exhibition by Dan MacCarthy

March 2016

Daniel MacCarthy (b.1986) graduated from the Royal Drawing School in 2012 after an undergraduate in contemporary history at the university of Sussex. He lives and works in Limehouse. He is currently showing in the Lynne Painter Stainer prize at the Mall Galleries, and with the Albert du Mont Gallery, Brussels. He is also engaged in a series of large public murals in Croydon. 
This exhibition is the result of a residency at Husk, which forms the start of the Continuum project – a series of artists in residence. Most of the work was made in his time here at Husk.

Past Exhibition:

 Surviving Trafficking
a Glimpse of Modern Slavery in the UK

18th - 1st November 2014

Two survivors of modern slavery are showcasing their reflections on exploitation in the UK, accompanied by an original piece of artwork by Rosie Prince.
Community members are invited to respond to the exhibition by expressing their personal Notes of Hope, which the Sophie Hayes Foundation will distribute to survivors of trafficking around the world.
On Saturday 18th October, members of the Sophie Hayes Foundation will be available to discuss the exhibition and to distribute its most recent report Becoming Hope: Stories, Reflections and Recommendations About Trafficking and Slavery Aftercare in the UK.